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DIY Cactus Wall Art

DIY Decoration Inspiration – 10 Cactus DIY Ideas For Your Home

We swear every other picture on Pinterest has a cactus in it. Probably because cacti are the best plants around. They need very little attention, you can forget about them for weeks and they still survive, and they look really cute! What more could you ask for in your plants. We also suggest fake plants or pretty images of plants to add a little life to your spaces!

Anyways, we wanted to create a Cacti Compilations of DIY projects to take your cacti love to the next level.

DIY Cactus Pillow

Now you can finally hug your cactus without getting pricked! This DIY is not only super cute but easy too (which seems to be a common theme amongst all our posts - we love to keep things easy & simple). All your friends are gonna be asking you where you got it and now you can proudly say - I MADE IT BITCHES.

DIY Cactus Pillow

By: Everything Emily

DIY Cardboard Cacti

Okay so you're not into sewing and you have limited supplies or time, then this is the DIY for you. Maybe you're having a cactus party or celebrating the greatness of cacti's, then this is a SUPER cute decoration idea. Or you're broke as shit like us and scavenged for some cardboard by a dumpster cause you can't afford fabric. DIY Carboard Cacti

By: The House That Lars Built

DIY Cactus Garland

So now you're having a full blown cactus party and obviously you need garland to complete your decorating. Again, it's SOOOO easy and a cheap alternative to going and buying cactus themed stuff off Urban Outfitters for a million bucks. Just make it yourself! Your friends will be so proud that you looked away from your Netflix for 10 minutes.

DIY Cactus Garland

By: Sel De Viking

DIY Cactus Wall Art

Next up! DIY Printable Cacti by BAECK + ANN Etsy. The perfect way to add a cactus to your wall without having to worry about soil or water. And yes you guessed it, this DIY is easy, simple and EXTREMELY cute. All you have to do is press print and put it in a frame. Then boom you've got some really cute wall art!

DIY Cactus Wall Art

Shop: The Prickly Cactus

DIY Cactus Wall Art

Shop: The Blue Cactus

Happy Cacti Lovin'

- the b+a team

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