Welcome to BAECK + ANN!

Well, you either came to this page by accident or because you want to learn a little more about our lil company. Either way, hi there!

Behind BAECK + ANN is a fearsome trio who decided to dive into the world of paper armed with a roster of dad jokes and (probably way too much) caffeine. This shop is the result of three and a half years of university and 20-something years of writing down business ideas in journals before we finally decided to live by our favourite wine-bottle mantra: "Screw it, Just do it". We draw inspiration from whatever we're currently feeling or finding funny, and we love that our style and products can grow and change as we do!

You're might be wondering what the heck BAECK + ANN means. It was made from the middle names of Kyla, our lead graphic designer (Baeck), and Katie, our marketing specialist (Ann). Mix it all together and what do you get? BAECK + ANN!

(PS, It's pronounced "beck")

Kyla Circle.png


design + operations

Everything you see in this shop is 100% original artwork handmade by Kyla, an over caffeinated, under rested, inspired individual with an itch to create and an appreciation for alliteration.  

Katie Circle.png


marketing + creative

Katie is the social guru behind our operations. She's full of amazing ideas and is who you'll see posting on all of our social media accounts (peep them below) and blog with the latest of what we're up to!

Karly Circle.png


finance + logistics

Karly is the glue that keeps us organized and on track. She's got a brain for numbers - thank god because ours seems to be wired primarily in pictures. Basically, she's the one who makes sure what we're doing is making sense.