DECEMBER 5, 2016


Oh what an exciting time!

We just finished our first craft show at the Hills Night Market! It’s been a really busy month building inventory, the start of holiday sales and prepping for our the market all at the same time.

This craft show couldn’t have come at a better time. With a full stock of inventory, we were so excited to debut our cards with all of you online and some of you in person!

We’ve had a lot of fun prepping for the market and building our display. A family friend of mine owns a ranch in Kelowna and they just teared down one of their barns. So lucky for us, we got to take a bunch of beautiful wood (for free!!!) which we then used to build our display. Yeah, our display is made of real reclaimed barn wood, no big deal or anything (just every pinterest-lovers dream). Kyla’s dad just so happens to be a wiz with wood working so that was also SUPER helpful. We don’t exactly trust ourselves with power tools….

Kyla and I love to craft so we were pumped to start designing our lil’ table. We made some hilarious and/or charmingly handmade gift bags out of paper bags for after people purchase a card. Each bag is hand stamped with a christmas tree (we made the stamp out of a kitchen sponge and cut it into the shape of a tree lol). It’s all about the little touches! We (well I mean Kyla) also hand painted a few wood signs for the display.

While all the prep was fun and games, we did end up having a couple last minute crises the night before/ morning of the market. The night before we tested our square reader (thank god – always do test runs, y’all!) and figured out that our card reader was too old. On top of that, our envelope order was delayed so we spent most of the morning before the market frantically running around town looking for envelopes and hitting up Best Buy to get a new and improved Square. After quite literally sprinting to a bunch of stores that were all sold out of our size of envelopes, we ended up dropping in to our printer (Bryan – huge beauty) who pulled through with an extra box that he happened to have. After all of that, we still arrived VERY early at the market, giving us plenty of time to set up, test our square, and fix packaging our cards with our new envelopes. With that market under our belts, we are definitely feeling a bit more prepared for the next few.

All in all, we had so much fun! Kayla, another boss babe in Kelowna, had a stand set up across from ours for her jewelry company, Lavender & Grace. It was really fun sharing the experience with another young business lady (no to mention, she gave us a ton of great advice before the market which helped loads)! We also got to meet another Kelowna #ladyboss, the owner of Gyspy Soul Designs. What an inspiring lady going on 5 years of business!! *gooooals*

We were so excited meeting ya’ll and sharing a bunch of laughs! After operating mostly online for the past year, it was a really great experience seeing which cards people were drawn to and which ones made people laugh the hardest. Another vendor at the market said that we were the most giggly booth there and as a punny card company that was a HUUUUUGE compliment.

We’re super excited about the next few markets and we can’t wait to see all of you there!! So make sure you pencil at least one of those dates into your calendar 


For more info, check out the Hills Night Market facebook page here!

– Katie

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