JUNE 1, 2017

Hi friends, Katie here!

Long time no talk… Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately (the wifi in SE Asia and Australia was dodgy at best) but we’re back in action on the blog. A lot has happened over the past couple months and we’ve got lots of exciting news to share!

Also, a big shout out to Kyla and Karly for taking on my duties while I’ve been away for the past 4 months. So lucky to have partners that allow me to follow my dreams and travel without question. AND THANK YOU KARLY for holding down the fort while Kyla and I were both traveling at the same time!! You da real MVP. What can we say, we all love to travel and see the world. Hopefully that will help make us all better business people!

The past few months orders have been bumpin’ to say the least! From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and now Father’s Day, we’ve been keeping busy. Check out our latest Father’s Day collection here! Get your orders in ASAP so that your dad gets his card in time.

And now for the big news…


Our first magazine feature! We feel so honoured to have our ‘Great Genes’ Mother’s Day card featured in the May/June issue of Chatelaine Magazine. Shouts out to them for supporting other Canadian gals! THANKS SO MUCH CHATELAINE!! Make sure to pick up your copy.




WOW! We’re so excited to announce we’ve got a new location for you to purchase cards, WILDHOOD. This flower shop is soooOOOoo damn cute and we’re seriously obsessing.

They have “fresh local blooms, house plants and succulents from Ontario growers and greenhouses.” Nothing we love more than Canadian gals supporting other Canadian businesses. GRL PWR! Make sure to check them out if you’re in the area or toss them a follow on Insta.

Location: 3023 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON (inside the Coal Miner’s Daughter)


Well hello new followers! Welcome to the club. We’re so excited to have all of you follow along with our journey and share a few laughs with us. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!! Now on the road to 4k…


We LOVE when you guys share photos of your cards with us. We seriously do a little happy dance whenever we see your photos. Lets keep spreading the love and supporting each other!


And now on to the personal updates…


“I clearly dropped the ball on writing blog posts while Katie was gone, but thank god she’s back to save the day! I spent three weeks in Costa Rica to try and escape the end of a nuclear winter in Kelowna (it didn’t work, it was still cold when I got back) and Karly was amazing and took the reins on packaging and shipping orders while I was gone while also working full time WOW!!


“Almost as soon as I got back I received word that I would be getting a PUPPER! I’ve had him for about a week now and he is absolutely the cutest little shithead you’ll ever meet.

That being said, I’m convinced those big puppy dog eyes are a defence mechanism to keep people from wanting to murder puppies after you haven’t gotten sleep for days at a time. I’m excited to meet the gang now that we’re all in the same country and figure out what the future of BAECK + ANN is going to look like!”

I’d say he is officially our office dog (even though we don’t have an office). But every company needs one so it seems fitting.


“My last couple of months haven’t been nearly as exciting as Katie’s or Kyla’s. The only worthy thing to mention is my new Sales job at a luxurious hotel in Vancouver. Besides co-owning a company after university this is the direction I wanted my career to go. So I guess that’s cool! Other then that I’m excited to finally have some nice weather so I can start hiking and camping the summer away!”


Jokes, that’s what my dad used to call me but it seems fitting since I just got back from the land of roos (Australia). It was a crazy 4 months to say the least… Travelled all across SE Asia and the East Coast of Aus.

I wish I could say that one country or place stood out as my favourite but each place was so unique. I like to say that I had a favourite place in each country. From Pai in Thailand, Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia, Bagan in Myanmar, Coconut Beach in Cambodia, Hoi An in Vietnam to name a few!

Australia felt like a whole other trip! I was lucky enough to travel the east coast solo and experience some amazing things. The Great Barrier Reef, koala’s in the wild, kangaroo sanctuary’s, skydiving over Byron Bay, learning to surf, swimming with sharks, seeing the Sydney Opera house and driving the Great Ocean Road.

Visited some amazing places, relaxed, ate amazing food and made lifelong friends. So you could say the trip was a definite success! Now I’m back in Kelowna attempting to re-adjust to reality.

Well that is all for now folks!

If you’re interested in featuring our cards or becoming a stockist, please don’t hesitate to email us at baeckandann@gmail.com

Much love,


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