DECEMBER 30, 2016

Katie here!

How is another month wrapping up again?? Honestly, it feels like just yesterday I was finishing writing our November recap! Time flies when you’re having fun, amirite?!

Speaking of fun, I hope everyone had a great holiday! I know I sure did. Nothing I love more than having time off work, eating, and spending time with friends and family. Also presents. I love giving (and receiving, but I mean who doesn’t) gifts!

We wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone that supported us over the holidays, our first busy season, and purchased our holiday cards. We hope your friends and family got a good laugh out of them! We love the quote “when you support small businesses a real person does a little happy dance” – we definitely did a lot of celebratory jigs this season!

And just like that, our first busy season with printed cards is over! Big shout out to Kyla for mailing off bunches of cards daily and making sure you all got your cards on time!

ALSO, we added some behind the scenes pictures from our photo shoots. We always have a good laugh when we do photos with hands in them because I think I have little boy hands. It’s pretty funny when we try and make it seem like there is two people holding the cards. I can now put professional hand model on my resume.


We definitely learned a lot this month and we’re even more excited for the next holiday (Valentine’s day is just around the corner, y’all) to continuing to grow our little baby business. One of the biggest things we learned was about the pains of shipping… From cut off dates to cards not arriving, it’s been.. interesting. We’ve definitely discovered the struggle of making sure customers buy their cards early enough so that we can ship them in time for a specific date AND so that they have time to mail them to their friends and family. The cut off dates, especially for international, creep up waaaaay before the holidays which is also usually way before people are even thinking about buying cards. Making sure customers are aware of shipping dates is something that we plan to work on even more in the future!

It’s also tough not being able to track our cards once they are shipped. Once we put the cards in the mailbox, it’s in Canada Post’s hands to get it to where it needs to be. It’s a little stressful and difficult, especially during Christmas when shipping is nutty and Canada Post has holiday hours. Unfortunately, tracking cards isn’t possible unless you want to pay $15+ per package (bit pricey for a card in our opinion…) and we can’t expedite ship (unless you wanna pay like $60+), so it’s a struggle. To say the least.

The craft markets were a huge success! You’ve probably heard us say this a few times, but we were so excited to finally meet some of you in person and get to interact with our customers. It was so much fun seeing people’s reactions to our cards, laughing with their friends and sharing memories that relate to our cards. One of our favourite reactions was when a group of girls were looking at our cards and each one of them they would point at a card and say “YOU LOVE THAT”. We were also told that we were the giggliest booth at the events, so for a punny card company we consider that a win!


We are so excited to announce that in the near future Toronto customers will be able to purchase our cards in person! The amazing owner of a soon-to-be-open florist/ retail shop called Hunt & Gather, approached us to carry BAECK + ANN cards in store. Let us just tell you, this is the cutest florist you will ever step foot in.  Formerly known as The Little Florist, they create unstructured (and frankly, drop dead gorgeous) floral designs for weddings and events. Kyla and I are debating doing a “work trip” to Toronto just to see this shop. We’re also fan-girling over their Instagram. So you should check it out!

They are still finishing their store in Toronto, so keep an eye out for when they open!

Check out their Instagram here.


Public speaking is definitely not my favourite thing in the world, but this month we were approached with a really unique opportunity to help inspire young entrepreneurs. We were asked to speak to Grade 6 classes on our small business journey as they had just finished doing an entrepreneurship fair themselves and were able to relate their projects to our story. It was a bit intimidating at first (because tweens are legit super scary to us, ARE WE COOL ENOUGH??). but we thought, what the heck! Let’s just do it. We made the presentation the day before (shh don’t tell them), rehearsed it a couple of times, then gave it our best shot. We felt like we got a good response from the kids – they seemed interested in our story and were able to reflect on their experiences to see what they might have changed or done differently in the future. We hope that we showed them that with a little hard work, they can pursue their own ventures, even at a young age!


KATIE: I’m going to ASIA & AUSTRALIA! But that also means that I won’t be blogging as much… I’m going to do my best to still chat with you all on social media and stay up to date that way! There will be times when I’ll be in some pretty rural areas in Asia, so you might not hear from me but Kyla and Karly will be all over it! So thankful for having supportive business partners when opportunities like this arise.

I’ll be gone for 4 months and can’t wait to share my adventures when I’m back!

KYLA: Still working far too many jobs and loving (almost) every busy minute of it! Her boyfriend Bo is now done uni and living in Kelowna, yay for long distance being over! She’s been plotting a possible furry addition to her family sometime in the next year… but she’s also maybe a bit crazy.

KARLY: Is has been a busy bee over in Vancouver after coming home from her travels around Central and South America! She’s working hard, doin’ her thang, and has been patiently putting up with our pretty haphazard financial tracking over here in ktown…sorry gal!

We can’t wait until we’re all together in the same city to be able to collaborate and support each other even more than we do now! Until then,


Kyla Schnellert