JANUARY 25, 2017


Oh hello friends, Kyla here! Just filling in while Katie’s out travelling the world and I’m stuck here in one of the coldest winter’s Kelowna’s had in a hot minute.

Katie will be back in about three months and I’ve been doing my best to keep B+A running smoothly in the mean time. Gotta say, I’m definitely missing my partners and cannot WAIT until Katie, Karly, and I are all in the same city and able to rock this shiiii- together.

January has been absolutely bumping over here as far as orders go. All of this busy season stuff is pretty new to us because last year around this time we only had the printable cards for sale and believe you me, it’s 1000x less work when all of the sales are automated! That being said, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Packing up these cards and sending them all over the world is so insanely rewarding. It’s crazy to think that someone in Japan or Australia is giving their friend one of our cards!


This is pretty surreal to say, but BAECK + ANN is officially one year old! Man, time absolutely FLIES. In the past year we went from selling printable posters to having actual cards in actual stores, graduated from university, moved back to our home towns, 90% of us travelled or are travelling the world (lol hi guys don’t mind me over here being lame), got jobs, left jobs, and are loving every crazy minute of it! I feel like we say this a lot but we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!


Our cards are officially in Toronto! It gives me weird proud mom feelings to see our little cards in the backgrounds of snaps and photos in this insanely cute shop on the other side of the country. Not only that, but Tellie, the shop owner, is so sweet and such a girl boss. It’s amazing to be able to meet and build a community small business owners and creative people like ourselves!


We were featured on Buzzfeed with for the third time! Honestly, wish I knew how this keeps happening (so I could make sure it continues to keep happening) but I think it’s just a matter of good SEO and luck. Girl, idk. But either way, thanks Buzzfeed! Check it here.


Like I said above, Valentine’s sales have been going just swimmingly and have definitely been keeping me busy. I think I’ve finally got my packaging systems down so they all look good, follow postage and sizing regulations, and don’t take forever to do.

Our cut offs for Valentine’s are here if you’re stilling on the market for a card! (Sorry international homies):

 Order Cut Off Dates
International – Jan 23
US – Jan 30
Canada – Feb 3
BC – Feb 9

Shop ’em here!


KYLA: I actually just had surgery about a week ago and am pretty much just in recovery mode after that. It wasn’t a major surgery, but also not a minor one so it’s been a week of not leaving the house and I have about a week more to go of barely leaving the house. That’s about as far as you can get from travelling the world but HERE WE ARE.


Katie has been travelling for almost a month now in South East Asia. She’s made it to Northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and only has gotten food poisoning once. As they say when you travel Asia, it’s not if you get food poisoning but when and how bad.

Highlights from the trip included playing with Elephants in Chiang Mai, learning to cook pad Thai from a local, scootering in Pai, taking a slow boat across down the Mekong River, trekking to a remote village in Mua Chau and making fuzzy memories on a booze cruise in Ha Long Bay. Next stop: Cambodia!! In the mean time, she will continue to see the rest of Vietnam, eat pho and spring rolls on the daily and try to not get hit by a scooter when crossing the roads.

KARLY: Karly is back from traveling Central/South America real life reality has set. She is desperately (read: occasionally) trying to find a real grown up job (because believe it or not, BAECK + ANN isn’t paying our bills just yet and the process is just AS HARD as people say it is. When Karly isn’t busy being a good, adult human she is constantly crunching numbers for BAECK + ANN, which we make exceedingly difficult to do because we are quite scatterbrained when it comes to keeping track of my expenses – SORRRYYY KARRLLz.

Other than that, what’s next for B+A? We’re already gearing up for Mother’s Day y’all. Holidays are weird in the greeting card industry.

Catch ya l8r.


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