What a whirlwind weekend! 

On Friday night after work, I drove down from Kelowna to Vancouver to meet up with the gals for the Treasures & Travels Market at the Vancouver Mural Festival. We were all SUPER excited for the market as it was our first official Vancouver appearance. Not only did we get to fan-girl over Tegan  Lindsay, the founders of Treasures & Travels and the creators of the market, but we also got to meet so many awesome people. Personally I think people loved our cards, which made me really really really excited for our lil' business' new adventure in the big city. 

B+A at Van Mural Fest

Everything ran very smoothly! When we arrived at the market, the T&T girls had the tents all set up for us and tables ready to go. (we were SOOO grateful for this, as it always sucks lugging heavy tables back and forth from markets). BIG kudos to Tegan and Lindsay for making it so easy for us vendors.

Treasures & Travels Market

We didn't forget anything major... Other than accidentally bringing our old Square card reader because the new and the old look so damn similar! We had a brief moment of panic. Luckily we had arrived bright and early so we had time to run out and grab a new one. 

At 12 o'clock, customers started rolling in! Through out the day, there was a constant flow of people. We were right by the Public Disco, so we had great tunes to jam to all day. Everyone was so friendly. I always love seeing people react to our cards and share a laugh with themselves or a friend. Being an online store we often miss out on that first reaction. A big reason we love doing these markets is seeing those reactions, sharing a laugh with customers and interacting on that more personal level. We LOVE hearing about your inside jokes and specific memories associated the jokes on our cards. Such a rewarding experience and why we do what we do :)


The murals were amazing! We were pretty busy all day so didn't get to explore the whole festival but the ones we saw were pretty damn incredible. So happy that Vancouver is embracing this form of art. 

We're starting a mailing list! No sadly no a snail mail mailing list but an e-newsletter. It's not a regular newsletter, it's a cool newsletter. The newsletter has exclusive deals for our cards that you can't find anywhere else! You'll also be the first to know and stay updated on the latest and greatest. But don't worry, we are not gonna bombard you with irrelevant shit everyday... ALSO if you're super forgetful like me, then we will remind you of upcoming holidays so you don't forget to send your dad a Father's Day card EVER again. Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page!

THE TEAM! On Sunday after the market, we had a fun lil' photoshoot at Karly's new apartment! Lots of content to come...

This cute friend joined us for part of the market (he's not actually ours)! But he brought a lot of attention toward our tent... Thinking we need to bring a dog to every market from now on. 

Hope to see you all at the next market! 



Katie Capozzi