These are not fun facts, they are funny facts. 

So pretty much we were like hey, I bet nobody really knows us cause we only ever post about our cards and nothing really that personal other than what we're up to here and there. We're gonna dig a little deeper in this series, so you can get to know the weirdo's behind B+A.

Anyways, we were having a lil' team meeting and I just started asking them random questions, so there is no rhyme or reason behind these questions. Keeps things exciting, right?


*DISCLAIMER* We thought it would be more fun to share super random facts about ourselves rather than the basic shit. So here it is... (also, let us know if you like these kinds of posts?!?)

Okay, first up! KARLAAAY (you must say this using a 10 year old boys voice with a slight lisp). She's the most competitive so I feel like she would want to be number 1 cause she is usually number 1 on any sports team or activity. Number 1 on the field and number 1 on our behind the series post. 

Karly is like an onion, you have to peel back the layers to get to know her and boy, we love this girl. She is hilarious in her own way and is always on top of everything. Hence, why I call her our 'rock' in like every post. 

"I only have like two interesting facts about myself" - Karly as she whips out a bag of seasoned rice cakes from her backpack. So humble!

First funny fact: Karly was a baby model and actress (!!!!). This is definitely one of my favourite facts about her. Child star Karly. 

 PS Karly is the one in front. What a freakin' cutie!!

PS Karly is the one in front. What a freakin' cutie!!

K so this next fact is more of a fun fact than a funny fact but she has been backpacking on 4 different continents on 4 different trips. Wow, a model and she's cultured! Hot diggity damn.

Karly is such a big sports fan she literally lives in an apartment building that shares a parking garage with her favourite hockey team (the Canucks). BIG SPORTS GAL! She also loves the Blue Jays like a true Canadian. She could probably beat most girls in any sport and probably in a fist fight too, but not that she would do that but I'm just saying. 

So at B+A, we are popcorn fanatics. We feel popcorn is a way of life and it's essential that you love popcorn to be apart of our business. Popcorn is light, fluffy, versatile and a fantastic snack. 


Karly's favourite popcorn seasoning you ask? Soy sauce. Yes, you read that right. SOY SAUCE. Very interesting, love the creativity. She really is taking popcorn seasoning to the next level of innovation with this one. We recommend you all give this flava flave a try. 

"Hey Karly, what's your fave 90's boy band" - I ask mid conversation about incorporating our business and talking taxes. Backstreet boys, one hundy p. 

You may wonder what Karly does in her spare time when she is not working, handling our finances or rooting for her favourite sports team. Well, you can find her rooting for her fave bachelors and bachelorette's on ABC's hit TV show, THE BACHELOR IN PARADISE. 


So the girl loves reality television, which we all quickly learned when living together last year during our final semester of university. During our down time between classes and drinking Hey Y'alls, we could find Karly in her room, soaking in the latest episode of Teen Mom. Or The Challenge, Hockey Wives, or Cupcake Wars (my personal favourite). We'd also get the whole crew together in the living room watching Jeopardy as we all make dinner – shouts out to free cable last summa!



Karly, what is your favourite holiday to give a card?

"Birthdays because you can personalize them to that person". 


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Next up? KYLAAAAAAA ! Stay tuned. 

Kind Regards (lol),


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