This one should get interesting...



 *que song of choice* Sucks To Be You - Prozzak (LOL JK, but she is a huge Prozzak fan)

So Kyla and I met in the eighth grade, so you could say we know each other pretty well... We have lived together multiple times and are pretty much the same person. She is the Baeck to my Ann. (GET IT?!) 

Some fun facts about Kyla! She is an amazing artist, graphic designer, photographer and so much more. The girl is bright as a button and remembers the most random facts so will always beat you in a game of trivia. She is also a thrifting QUEEEN – Like can find Aritzia clothing for dirt cheap in random ass thrift shops, it's actually a talent. She also is a closet gamer, like would never game in front of me... (World of War Craft, I think?)

"Having a greeting card company is the only interesting fact about me" - Kyla

Nooooooo there's got to be more!


"I once had a goldfish for 11 years, but it might have been replaced by my grandpa somewhere in the middle"

There we go! That's interesting, sorta.

"OOOHH, I also have a double jointed tongue!" 

Hmmm, okay?

"I'm really into fish tacos lately, like the fried ones"

Those fried fish taco's are pretty damn good... Is that your favourite food?

"CORN DOGS! Put that. I love them. Corn dogs with ketchup. WOW."

Who woulda known! Well I did cause we once went to the Calgary Stampede and I think majority of the reason Kyla wanted to go was for the XL Corn Dogs.

Tell me another fun fact about you.

"I have had 3 popcorn related dental issues in the past year"

I can verify that this is true. Eat popcorn responsibly friends and ALWAYS floss after.

Kyla's fave popcorn seasoning you ask? Nutritional yeast and butter. But in the summer she likes Franks Hot Sauce, ya know to spice things up a little. 


Hey Kyla, what's your fave card of ours?

"The hairy legs one because I have hairy legs"

Don't we all. Am I right ladies? I guess gents too. Unless you're a swimmer then maybe you don't. SPEED. 

"I once killed an air plant"

I gave you that air plant for your birthday...

"Last month I ordered 16 packages off Amazon"

It's like Christmas everyday!

What's your favourite holiday to give a card?

"Thanksgiving. I love food"

Alright, alright, alright. Now for some facts that aren't super weird.

She lived in Prague for 4 months! Has been to the Dead Sea. Recently traveled to Costa Rica with her Bo (lol, like beau but his name is Bo). ANNND as you all may or may not know. You will know if you follow her on Instagram. But she has the cutest fricken pupper that I have ever had the good graces of knowing, OLLIE THE OFFICE DOGE. He's a Cavalier Spaniel/Poodle mix and was once the devil but now is just full of beans.  



Hope you enjoyed that and can relate to our weirdness!

Mucho Love,



Katie Capozzi