SEPTEMBER IN WRITING // New City + New Packaging + New Stockist + New Everything


Wow, how things are changing! Summer is gone, fall is officially here. The weather is cooler and we got even cooler. Kidding, but we did get a new stockist which I thinks makes us cooler cause they are really cool!



Yup, it's official. We're in Vancouver!

So August was a lil' nuts with Kyla and I moving. You might of noticed we closed the shop for a bit cause moving is a lot of work... But we're all now settled into our new places (Karly moved to a cute apartment too). I was pretty dang busy looking for work... Felt like I interviewed every other day. I swear HR teams are making interview processes even longer. Like you gotta do the pre screening call, then the first meeting with HR, then the second meeting with the team then a third meeting just to make sure you're not a loonie... What a process!

 This photoshoot is actually in Karly's new apartment! Great lighting, weooow!!

This photoshoot is actually in Karly's new apartment! Great lighting, weooow!!

We are loving van though! It's so nice to ALL be in the same city. We actually get to do fun photoshoots all together and have regular team meetings. It's just great, real great. So expect big things to come cause we're having a lot of fun!


 Check out our cute lil' stickers.

Check out our cute lil' stickers.

We revamped our packaging! Honestly, we didn't think anyone would really noticed but you guys did!! Thank you for the kind reviews. We are so glad you appreciate it too! 


Holla Holla Holla! We're in stores in Vancouver at Half Fool. 

Where: 18 E Pender Street in Chinatown

They sell awesome gifty things like jewelry, candles, soaps AND yummy beverages. So make sure you go check them out! 


Lots of NEW stuff happening being in this awesome NEW city. We are gearing up for the holiday season and really wanting to get into more stores in Vancouver. So please hit us up! 

NEXT WEEK, we will be releasing the name and location of our NEWEST stockist. STAY TUNED FOLKS!!



Katie Capozzi