Heard this girl sucks. 


JK IT'S MEeeEEee!! I honestly have been procrastinating writing this for so long because it's v awk to write about yourself. Where do I even begin?!? help. 

Uhm well hi. I'm Katie. I'm the Ann of BAECK + ANN. My middle name is boring (no offence to anyone else that also has this middle name, there is probably like 20 of your). However, it is kinda interesting that my parents dropped the 'e' at the end. Sorta.

Fun facts about me?? I've travelled to over 22 countries. That was pretty neat. I don't feel like I'm all that cultured though... should probs plan another trip. Suggestions?


Fave food?? Curry. I LOVE curry. More of thai curry kind of gal. Like a great panang curry. REAL spicy too. On a day to day, you can usually find me eating rice cakes with avo and franks (the hot sauce, not the hot dogs - that would be Kyla. The gal loves a good dog). 

Every evening I eat popcorn without fail. Usually with hot sauce. I think I need to cut back on the hot sauce... You learn a lot writing about yourself, wow! 

I have been to MULTIPLE Backstreet Boys concerts. AND in there different phases... like as young child and when they were weirdly old and couldn't dance very well anymore and they put out that sappy-ass album and everyone was like 'hmmmm, that may have been a fail but I kinda like it??'. Fun times though! Very entertaining.


Weird fact about me, I can't eat eggs with my hair down. Especially if they are cooked sunny side up. The thought of getting yolk in my hair makes me sick. I don't even like typing this out cause it's making me think about how gross that is. I also LOATHE the taste of coconut oil in my eggs. It's like someone put some of their body lotion in your eggs then was like 'here, enjoy'. NASTAAAY!

Wondering what my party trick is? I can roll my stomach like a belly dancer. It's actually genetic! My sisters, my dad and I can do it but my mom can't. Sucks to suck. (JK love you mom, you're probably the only one that reads these!!!)

When I was younger, I used to sew and sell onesies. Like one piece pajamas. Then I gave them to my friends to wear to a party. Then we all once went skiing in them. Good times, good times. 😏

I have never tried Salmon before. The smell is a little bit much for me. Can't bring myself to do it. Maybe one day? I also hate fish in general but I do enjoy battered fish tacos, mussels, scallops and shrimpies though! 

My nickname as a child was 'Beavis' among others. But I had terrible buck teeth. THANK GOD for braces... 'Kate-a-roo' was another. It's like kangaroo but kate-a-roo. I digress! 

I was swimming at the Great Barrier Reef and a shark swam under me. It was a reef shark. Still scary though. 

I was a vegan activist as a child. Mostly for pigs after I had seen those Telus commercials as a young child. Then my parents took me to Chinatown and I saw a pig roasting on a spit. From then on, my bedroom door was devoted to spreading the message of saying no to eating pigs. However, I liked bacon so much I couldn't give it up but I refused to eat any other pork product. 

I love a good pep-stick! Pepperoniiiiiiii. Meat sticks. Delish!


I have been Facebook stalked by a Monk. (But not as badly as racbecks). But still sent weird messages in Burmese and photos of himself. Pretty neat story though! 

I cough whenever I clean my ears with a q-tip. I feel like Kyla would really want me to say this because she thinks this is super weird but I don't think it's that weird!! Happens to my mom and sister too!! Long story short, I was cleaning my ears once when Kyla and I lived together and it made me go into a raging coughing fit. So when I came out of the bathroom, Kyla was like WTF YOU OKAY!?! and I was like yeah man, just was cleaning my ears. (this is really weird). Does this happen to anyone else? asking for a friend. 

Well that's probably enough for now! 


Katie Capozzi